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5 of My Favorite Places to Workout in Denver, Colorado

Whether you are traveling to Denver or live there full-time, these workouts are not to be missed!

As a yoga and cycling instructor, I am always on the hunt for new awesome workouts. I like to call them, research & development.

In every new city I go to, I plan a few workouts, and unintentionally review them too. Here, I have compiled my thoughts on my favorite workouts in Denver, Colorado. They are for those days when you aren't hiking or hitting the slopes, but still want to get your sweat on.

Whether you are a HIIT novice or a workout aficionado, a yogi or a cyclist, there's something for you on this list.

Read on for my reviews and sign-up links for the classes you like...

1. Orangetheory Fitness LoDo/ Union Station

This is a consistent HIIT workout & full body workout studio that is accessible to all levels, clean, and never boring in sequencing. You typically work on a combo of strength training (weights and body weight), rowing, and running or power walking. I love their new 45-minute lift classes too because they allow you to focus on strength training - something I don’t do as much on my own. We worked with the trainer, Morris, who was helpful, inspiring and professional.

Sign up here.

2. Urban Sanctuary
Inside of Urban Sanctuary

This beautiful yoga space was comfortable, plant-filled, and grounding. Our instructor played a traditional and modern blend of music as morning rays of sunshine filled the room. I felt safe, welcome, and supported, and really loved that he included a bit of daily astrology at the end. I walked out feeling light and blissful. I know that some of their classes also incorporate Cannabis, which I love, and they offer free classes to BIPOC, support women, and provide anti-racism education to their employees. I highly recommend this woman-owned, black-owned wellness studio for yogis of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Schedule a class here.

3. Barry’s Bootcamp

Such a classic, well-rounded workout. This workout mainly focuses on strength-training and cardio through weighted/ body weight segments and running. They also offer a 50-minute focused strength class, which is another one of my favorites, as someone who does not go strength train at the gym alone. The studio is clean, beautiful, and full of amenities, like a smoothie bar. This gym is user-friendly (i.e. you can sign up a friend for class) and consistent across the country. I was happy to find one in Denver.

Try a class here.

4. SoulCycle Denver
Inside the SoulCycle studio

I have always been such a fan of this workout experience, even though I know the company has gone through public ups and downs in the past few years. Why I have stayed supporting SoulCycle is because I have met some of the most genuinely passionate, empathetic, powerful, informed, relatable, and inspiring instructors here. 9 times out of 10, the classes have left me covered in sweat, smiling from ear to ear, and introspective… and I have taken hundreds of SoulCycle classes. The music is unmatched. The studio is luxurious and pleasant to be in. My experience at SoulCycle Denver was no different. I hope you will be open to giving them a try for the amazing community workout experience and to support the incredible instructors here who truly give their all!

Find your Soul here.

5. Lighthouse Art Space

This immersive yoga experience was so profound. I mean, can you imagine doing yoga to music but in a dark room with video art of impressionists lining the walls and reflecting off mirror sculptures? This is what happened here. The workout wasn’t exceptionally challenging, but it was only 35 minutes and definitely all level-friendly. Also, if you’re a more advanced yoga practitioner, don’t be scared off. After the class was done, they let you stay for an extra play through of the music and video art so you can flow on your own… or simply watch the art, if that’s more your vibe. This is NOT something to miss, the next time you are in Denver.

Flow here.

Let me know what you think, if you have tried these spots, or bookmark this list for your next trip to CO!

With Love and Light,


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