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My Five Favorite Ways to Treat Myself

Learn a few simple ways to treat yourself and find self-love, because you deserve it.

Are you single? In a relationship? Regardless of what your current relationship status is, it’s always the right time to show up for yourself. Get ready to strengthen the most important relationship in your life with five of my favorite ways to enhance your self-love.

1. Eat Delicious Snacks That Are Actually Good for You

Treat your sweet tooth with these healthy indulgences.

If you're like me, you have a major sweet tooth, but also know that sugar is not good for you. That’s why I try to make my sweet indulgences SUPER worth it or sugar-free. Let me share a few sweet treats that are easy to find, pre-made, and incredible. You can enjoy dessert in moderation every day and not feel bad about it!

  • Sourse makes a variety of vitamins, in candy-coated chocolate form. Yes, you heard that right. They make collagen-infused daily chocolates that enhance your skin and hair health (Glow Bites), vitamin-D candies to boost your mood during those stretches of winter when natural sunlight is scarce (Mood Bites), B12 vitamins for energy (Hype Bites), and their latest product: Beauty Bites! These vitamins don’t contain too much sugar, and they make your life easier with a monthly subscription service. Staying healthy has never been sweeter. PS: this company is woman owned, which checks out in my book.

  • Looking for a candy that you won’t regret eating? Try BEHAVE. These candies do nothing but good for your body, your tastebuds, and the planet. They boast less than 1g of sugar per serving (the lowest sugar I have seen in any organic candy), come in unique flavors including lychee, passionfruit, and pink pineapple, and do not contain any creepy sugar alcohols or artificial ingredients that will harm your gut microbiome. Also, they give 1% back to a community-selected charity that rotates every few months—which is super cool for an emerging company. Finally, they have a young, inspiring female founder, aka a #girlboss named Mayssa Chehata. Basically, they check all of my boxes and I thought they might check yours too. Use my code LINDSYOGS for 10% off your order!

  • BelliWelli is a new female-founded company that I just discovered—and I’m already addicted. I’ve always had a lot of tummy issues, so I was interested in this brand because their products are easy on the stomach. They are low-FODMAP, plant-based, gluten-free, contain no sugar alcohols, and even have probiotics. Birthday Cake and Blueberry Muffin are my favorite flavors so far, but I'm also eager to try the new Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake flavors they just came out with! They aren’t necessarily low calorie or low sugar, but they are a healthy treat (used in place of a dessert) when you have a craving. Use my link for 10% off of your BelliWelli order.

2. Buy Yourself a Cute New Sweat Set

Look and feel your best in the gym with a beautiful new outfit that won't break the bank.

Nothing says self-care like a little retail therapy... Am I right? I'm just kidding. There are plenty of ways to treat yourself without spending money—this is just the one that I happen to like the most!

All jokes aside, I do want to share my new clothing obsessions with you. They’re both athleisure wear because I still tend to live in athleisure wear (still going strong since 2020!). Anyway, let's get to the cute clothes:

  • Alo used to simply make super cute yoga clothes, but now they've become a fashion statement worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. They not only sell clothes, but put on fun events, have online workouts, and even have their own beauty line and Roblox game! Click here for 10% off your first order! Don't know where to start? You can't go wrong with their Airlift, Moto, and Airbrush leggings. These are workout wardrobe staples that you will wash religiously so that you can wear them every day. I promise.

  • Carbon38 is another awesome clothing company that carries fitness brands like Beach Riot, Splits59, and Sweaty Betty. There’s a twist—they also carry high-end labels such as Balmain, Isabel Marant, Oribe, and many other fashion, footwear, and beauty mainstays. These athleisure digs are a must for anyone who likes to look cute while working out.

  • No discounts here, but I am a big proponent of Poshmark. This second-hand fashion and beauty website has tons of pre-loved pieces with detailed descriptions that outline wear and tear. I have often found items that I love but were out of stock or no longer in production on Poshmark... and for a fraction of the cost! I also love that the platform helps to reduce the environmental harm caused by fast fashion. I recommend buying from them and listing your own pieces when you're ready to freshen up your closet.

3. Try Out Mediation + Massages

Start small and scale up slowly.

Start breathing mindfully or meditating for just a minute a day. Slowing down can be overwhelming so starting small is key. Gradually increase the length of time that you mindfully breathe or meditate, until you can get up to 10 minutes a day or more. Here is just one Harvard study that serves as a testament to the power that meditation has on the body and brain. Participants in they study who meditated for 15 minutes a day for an 8-week period "had a striking change in the expression of 172 genes that regulate inflammation, circadian rhythms, and glucose metabolism" (Knox, 2018). It also helped reduce blood pressure.

A meditation or breathing app can be really helpful to keep newbies on track and inspired. They help keep you on schedule with fun tools, beautiful visualizations, and relaxing sounds. One example I love, which gives you a 7-day free trial just for signing up is the Bloom meditation app. Here is the link. You can also integrate practices such as mindful walks and mindful meals into your daily routine—I swear, you’ll notice a difference in how you feel.

Massage can also be a wonderful tool to release tension and make you feel relaxed. The feeling of gentle human touch, applied for at least 15 minutes helps release oxytocin, the “feel-good hormone.” The same rule of starting small and scaling up goes for massages. Don’t start out with an intense pressure, deep tissue massage. Start with a Swedish therapeutic massage (which is milder and more relaxing) and work your way up to undoing all those knots. Once you build up a pain tolerance, go for working through more tense problem areas with more force. If you’re not ready to splurge on professional massages, see if one of your loved ones can rub your shoulders for 15 minutes and offer to treat them back as an incentive.

4. Prioritize Rest

The simplest and most beneficial gift that you can give yourself is rest.

Give yourself permission to rest. Give yourself permission to slow down. Give yourself permission to say “no” or take a step back if you have overcommitted yourself. Continuing to run yourself into the ground serves no one. Resting and recovering is essential to human life and performance. So, take a break when you need one. Know that rest is natural, essential, and healthy. Try to take time to yourself every single day to simply rest.

5. Tell Yourself “I Love You” Regularly

Make “I love you” your new mantra.

Gratitude and love have profound mental effects on people. You deserve to feel loved and be happy. Whether you’re being told that you’re loved by others or not, it’s still important to tell yourself “I love you.”

Repeat “I love you” to yourself while driving, in the shower, during yoga when the teacher asks you to set your intention, write it in your journal, and most importantly, get in the practice of telling yourself this when you catch yourself saying something negative.

Staring at your stretch marks in the mirror?

Tell yourself “I love you.”

Ruminating over an iffy text that you sent to your new love interest or new boss?

Tell yourself “I love you.”

Getting jealous while watching a couple canoodling in the park and missing your ex? Tell yourself “I love you.”

The more you integrate this practice into your life, the more second nature it becomes, and the more you will truly start loving yourself. From there, the positive effects compound and you’ll be promoting yourself to reach feats you never thought possible.

So, in the spirit of self-love, start treating yourself today with one of the methods above. Let me know your favorite and why in the comments section below or via email!

With Love and Light,


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