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Five Simple Swaps to Destress Your Life

Learn a few easy changes that you can make to your life for a tremendous impact on your wellbeing.

Do you ever find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off? If you're like me, you probably do. So, I made this list of tips for how to calm down with minimal effort just for you. Read on to start your journey towards everyday bliss...

Shorten Your Commute

Cut your time spent commuting down to less than 15 minutes per drive.

If you're already employed, see if you can work remote at least a few days per week; if you're not, try to find a job that will let allow you to work remotely at least partially.

Try to find businesses that you like - gyms, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. - that are within a 5 mile radius of your home or, better yet, that offer online or in-home services.

The less time you spend driving, biking, or riding public transport, the more time you have to focus on work, hobbies, wellness, and spending time with your loved ones. Your soul will thank you.

Build Activity into Your Day

Try to incorporate physical motion into as much of your day as possible. Don't be lazy.

  • Set a daily alarm (or a few!) to remind you to walk your dog, take your favorite online yoga class, or do 10 squats next to your desk.

  • Start to clean your house yourself. Don't use a maid! Cleaning is harder work than you think.

  • Use a basket instead of a cart at the grocery store. You'll buy and waste less food this way and learn to be more mindful of what you're buying. When you have to carry the weight of your groceries (rather than just pushing around your food around on wheels), you become more aware of what and how much you're picking up. It's called "functional fitness", folks!

  • Get a standing desk. You burn more calories standing than sitting, wreak less havoc on your spine--I think we've all heard "sitting is the new smoking" at this point--, and you can always switch it up, if needed. It's more mentally stimulating that way anyhow.

  • Park farther away from your destination and always take the stairs over elevators and escalators. Believe it or not, before Stairmasters, there were stairs.

  • Listen to your favorite podcast on a walk or hike or try a walking meditation on your favorite meditation app. I love Calm, which brings me to my next point...

Try Out Breathwork or Mediation

Start small, scale slowly.

Start breathing mindfully or mediating for just a minute a day. Slowing down can be overwhelming so starting small is key. Gradually increase the length of time that you mindfully breathe or meditate until you can get up to 10 minutes a day or more. Again, a meditation or breathing app can be really helpful for newbies. They help keep you on schedule with fun tools and visualizations.

Still not sold on the power of meditation, here is just one Harvard study that serves as a testament to the power that mindful meditation has on the brain. There are plenty more waiting for you to search for them on Google too!

Embrace Human Connection

Connect with a loved one or stranger daily.

Human connection is proven to boost happiness. Check out this article from Stanford about it: "Connectedness & Health: The Science of Social Connection" by Dr. Emma Seppala. Here, Dr. Seppala writes that people with strong social connections have a 50% chance of living longer, stronger immune systems and the ability to recover more quickly from diseases, lower levels of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, and greater empathy towards others. So, next time your bored, try Facetiming with a friend or family member; when you're out in public, try smiling and striking up a conversation with a stranger in line or your barista. These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Try to come up with your own too and remember that small gestures can make a big difference in someone else's day... and yours!

Clean Up Your Space

Declutter and reorganize your work space and home.

Marie Kondo got something right when she wrote Spark Joy and subsequently, turned it into an empire. When you clean up clutter and clear out your home and work spaces, you eliminate distractions and leave more space to focus and relax. A clean space is a happy space. So pull out that Swiffer!

I hope that these tips were helpful for you. Let me know if you try one of them (or maybe all of them!) in the comments section below and how the experience was for you.

To a calmer and more peaceful life starting right now...

With Love and Light,



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