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Letting Go of Control & the Power of Breathwork

Why do we feel the need to constantly control our minds, our bodies, and our surroundings? What if we just were?

What if we stopped trimming our gardens and let the flowers and weeds grow long and lush?

What if stopped bottling up our emotions and spoke the words that we really need to let others hear?

What if we learned to accept life for what it is?

What if we learned that we cannot and should not control everything?

What if we stopped controlling and started accepting that things are just going to be the way that they are?

I had these thoughts come up today while watching someone trim what I believed to be a beautiful gathering of vines in a garden. I wondered, why can they not be beautiful and long the way they were naturally meant to be? Why do they need to be pruned, reined in, and controlled?

It is because of a human desire to control our surroundings.

We want everything to be ours, molded in a way that suits our tastes and likings. But many things do not want to be our way. They want to be their way. So why can’t we just let them be their way, and they will let us be our way?

This concept applies to so many actions in our world today—especially politics. Why can’t people seem to stay out of others’ business? Why do some humans feel the right to control the bodies and rights of others?

It is because of a human desire to control our surroundings.

Just because it is a natural human desire, does not make it right. If this world has anything to learn from yoga today, it’s that you can’t (and shouldn’t) control your surroundings.

Yoga teaches us to focus on the present, on our breath, and on how we may improve ourselves. It shows us that what we can control is our breath and what we are doing in the present moment. That should be enough. Once you become okay with that idea, you may notice yourself meddling less in others’ business and freeing up a world of space in your own mind that was once occupied by pointless, crazy-making thoughts.

So slow down, take a breath, and remember that you can control your breath and focus in this moment. Everything else exists on its own.

And that’s okay.

With Love and Light,


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